September 25, 2018

Billy Haido

Episode 32 - Billy Haido is a board member and former President of the Assyrian Athletic Club, a former Community Relations Commissioner of Niles, a member of the Economic Development Commission of Skokie, a co-founder of Vote Assyrian and the Executive Producer of four Assyrian films including 2016’s Basamtit Reesha. Billy’s support of the Assyrian community manifests itself through the arts, athletics and community service, all while he maintains a career in IT. 

September 18, 2018

Dr. Mona Hanna Attisha

Episode 31 - In this episode, we hear from Dr. Mona Hanna Attisha, a pediatrician, professor, and public health advocate whose research exposed the Flint water crisis. Her research revealed children were exposed to dangerous levels of lead in Flint, Michigan. In this episode, she talks about her family, her work, and her book What the Eyes Don't See. 

September 11, 2018

Paul Batou

Episode 30 - Paul Batou, a native Assyrian Iraqi artist, received a degree in pharmacy in 1982 from the University of Baghdad. While in school, Batou worked and was inspired by many teachers and artists studying at the University. In 1980, he had his first art show in Baghdad. During his years spent in Baghdad, Paul Batou placed his art in several galleries, learned to play the guitar, and was forced into service for the Iraq-Iran war as a medic. In 1989, he left Iraq with his family and moved to Los Angeles. In the United States, Batou continues to create art and write poems that inspire all those close to him.

September 4, 2018

Efrem Yildiz

Episode 29 - Efrem Yildiz was elected in 2017 to serve as Vice Chancellor of the University of Salamanca in Salamanca, Spain. He was previously the Chair of Hebrew and Aramaic Studies at the University of Salamanca's Department of Languages. Though he specializes in Semitic languages, he is fluent in Spanish, English, French, German, Italian, Hebrew, Turkish, and modern Aramaic.

He obtained his Bachelor's Degree in Philosophy, two degrees in Ecclesiastical and Biblical Studies, and his Doctorate in Biblical Theology.

An ethnic Assyrian from the village of Harbule in southeastern Turkey, he has written extensively on Assyrian heritage and identity.


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