September 28, 2021

Steve Oshana

Episode 153 - Steve Oshana is the executive director of A Demand for Action, which advocates for the rights of minorities in the Middle East. He started his career in Washington DC as an intern and worked his way to becoming a political consultant, or lobbyist. In this episode we talk about what lobbyists do, how he manages to work with US politicians across the aisle on Assyrian issues, how he marched as a teenager with Reverand Jesse Jackson, and the first time he met former President Barack Obama in Chicago. 


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March 16, 2021

Sumer Homeh

Episode 135 - Sumer Homeh is the founder of the humanitarian aid organization “Local Aid” in Kenya. After working several years in the fashion industry in Australia, she decided to leave all that behind to dedicate her life for street children in Nairobi. Local Aid rehabilitates those children and provides them access to education and healthcare. Recently Sumer founded “Tribearth”, which is a socially conscious jewelry business that creates a community of empowered women and youth who produce handmade products in a sustainable and ethical environment. In this episode you will learn more about Sumer´s journey from Australia to Kenya and what led to this life changing decision, the world of humanitarian workers and the ups and downs Sumer went through in order to build a sustainable organization, and what it takes to truly follow your heart and not let doubts get into the way of you and your goals.

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Instagram: @sumersoul

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Support for this week’s episode of The Assyrian Podcast is brought to you by @TonyKalogerakos and the @InjuryLawyersofIllinois and New York.

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