December 15, 2020

Frank Gilbart

Episode 130 - Frank Gilbart was born in Kirkuk, Iraq in the early 80s. From an early age, he realized the importance of language, civic engagement and the cultural arts scene. According to Frank, this mosaic led to a special bond amongst the Assyrian inhabitants of his hometown Kirkuk. 

Frank’s life led him to study his true passion, directing, film and screenwriting. Completing studies both in Kirkuk, and continuing for another two years in Baghdad. 

Fueled by a love for his nation and his childhood friend Nineb Yousif Toma, Frank began the rigorous process of filming and producing Journey of Eternity. Between gofundme, Assyrian organizations, a handful of amateur funding raising individuals, and organic donations, Frank was able to muster up roughly $300,000 to film and produce Journey of Eternity. This true story is about the three Assyrian heroes; Youbert Benyamin Shlimon, Youkhana Esho Jajo, and Yousip Toma Hermis, who were imprisoned and later hanged without a fair trial on February 3, 1985 by the Iraqi Baath regime.

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