August 3, 2021

A Tribute to the First Assyrian Mass Migration to North America

Episode 145 - Sarah Bennett is the great great granddaughter of Rev. Dr. Isaac Adams - the first Assyrian to lead a mass migration of Assyrians to North America (Saskatchewan, Canada and later California, USA) from Iran in the early 1900s. In this episode, Sarah retells the great story of Dr. Adams and the other Assyrian settlers who helped to build North Battleford, Saskatchewan and later Turlock, California. This episode will help you give a glimpse into our modern Assyrian history and not one to miss! 

Rev. Dr. Adams publications:

Persia by a Persian: Personal Experiences, Manners, Customs, Habits, Religious and Social Life in Persia

Darkness and Daybreak

A special thank you to Dr. Arianne Ishaya for her book that served as a reference throughout the interview:  Familiar Faces in Unfamiliar Places: ASSYRIANS in the California Heartland 1911 - 2010.


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